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We are experienced and recognized buyers of all types of owner financed mortgage notes including owner occupied, rental/investment properties, vacation home, small apartment, small commercial, and even mobile homes (with or without land. But our expertise does not stop there.

Our associate contract buyers are also investors in many other types of contractual obligations or future sources of cash such as structured settlements, annuities, inheritances, and even legal settlements for such things as product liability or wrongful death claims.

If you are the beneficiary of any of the following promissory obligations and for whatever reason, find the need for LUMP SUM CASH today, you can receive a FREE and complimentary quotation and evaluation by simply completing one of our short online forms. Once received, a member of our underwriting staff will contact you within 24 hours.

MORTGAGE NOTE: We are buyers of all types of owner financed real estate notes including owner occupied residential, investment properties, commercial properties, small apartment buildings, and mobile homes (with or without land).

BUSINESS NOTES: Private promissory notes collateralized by the assets of a business recently sold featuring free and clear equipment.

STRUCTURED SETTLEMENTS: Court awarded settlements in the form of an annuity for a settlement of a wrongful death, product liability, personal injury, or similar claim.

LOTTERY OR GAMING AWARD ANNUITY: A structured payment over time for a Vegas-style gaming award or state lottery award. We provide LUMP SUM cash for annuity balances.

PRE-LEGAL SETTLEMENT: An advance of "early" cash to a claimant based on a future award payable on a medical malpractice award, product liability award, personal injury claim, etc.

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