We Purchase Seller Financed Notes


Private Mortgage Notes, or as they are sometimes referred to, Owner Carry-Back Mortgages, are mortgage-backed promissory notes that are the result of a seller of a single family home, condominium, multi-family residence or other residential or commercial building providing some degree of finance to the new buyer of the dwelling at the time of closing.  They can be for the full amount of the mortgage on the sale (first position notes) or can be for a portion of the mortgage (second position notes) behind a traditional first mortgage FHA, VA, or Conventional lender.

Historically, Private Mortgage Notes have been excellent investments, but in today's difficult economy, holders of such notes may suddenly find the need to sell their notes to...

  • pay off credit cards and bills
  • pay for unforeseen medical expenses
  • pay back taxes
  • pay for retraining due to job loss
  • take advantage of a unique investment opportunity
  • pay for legal expenses or divorce
  • purchase a new home or update an older residence
  • take a once in a lifetime exotic vacation
  • financially assist your children in today's difficult economy
  • purchase a new vehicle

We Purchase Many Types of Seller Financed Mortgage Notes

We purchase many types of mortgage notes including those collateralized by a...

  • single family residence
  • multi-family duplex, triplex or four-plex
  • small apartment building
  • small commercial property
  • mobile homes (with or without land)
  • business notes (when collateralized by equipment or land)

Attention:  Real Estate Professionals

In today's challenging real estate market and economy, Private Owner Financed Mortgage Notes are becoming more widely used and commonplace in real estate sales and can often provide the catalyst to get the deal done.  Many sellers, however, would prefer not to hold mortgage paper for lengthy periods of time.  Before you structure your deal, think of your "exit strategy".  Contact us and learn how to structure Private Owner Financed Mortgage Note and make them attractive for resale at a later date if necessary.

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